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Cry out loud! (by thetruths)

Cry out loud! (by thetruths)

The Lord our GOD says, where are you my children? where is your sackclothe? do not you see the abominations abounding on the face of the earth? who will cry out to the nations and warn them about the end? who will ask the lost peoples of the earth to repent? do not you see the signs of the times and the prophecies fulfilled before your eyes?

I ask you, did he sent His only begotten Son our Lord Yahshua the Messiah to die for you for nothing?

Repent, repent, the time is far spent; your eternal peace depends on this, believe and repent, our Lord is coming down to lift his up and to leave the rest down, to bring upon His judgement, to leave behind all the sinners, the unrighteous, the unbelievers, the lovers of themselves, the deceivers of mankind, to burn in the everlasting fire.

The great tribulation is at hand: repent, repent and keep the commandments of our Lord יהוה, the creator, search the scriptures and learn to walk in the path of love and righteousness, love your neighbores, hold fast to the truth and the right way, keep the promises of your heavenly Father.

Repent my children, brothers and sisters in Christ; stand up, go out and cry loud. The time is near when it will be too late, so therefore cry out loud now, do not be counted with the unbelievers, the slothful or the foolish men of this world. Do not ask them for counsel, lest you fall with them in the burning pit; do not follow your heart, it is full of deceit, do not fall for the world, take hold of the word, trust your Lord יהוה and walk in His way. He who lifted up our burdens, sent us to preach to every creature that the kingdom is at hand, that He is coming back to save his people and to judge the world.

Would you not warn the people around you, about the danger to their souls and life  that is in the transgression of the Law? Because we all have sinned and deserve death, we must repent for in Yahshua the Messiah we have eternal life, so in the name of Yahshua, go and sin no more and preach the word of the Lord, give the last warning to the peoples of the world.

I beseech thee, go out and cry out loud,
the Lord is coming back, the Lord is coming for his people!
So be it, maranatha.

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