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About the truth (by thetruths)

People are afraid of the Truth: it is a common belief that it is better to stay as it is than to search into the unknown; but Truth is, that the unknown can take you over and make you loose everything... and nobody wants to loose everything! It is also very common that people do not believe in things they don't know about, in this case it is better getting to know it or to not discuss it. Please, never deny something you don't truly know about, it will make you an hypocrite and an untrustful human. And here I can not forget prejudice or unlawful or untruthful judgement: do not judge if you do not have all the data, you can give an opinion based upon limited information, but judgement should be given with all the information in consideration. Be a human, not a beast!

Peace and Love in the search for the Truth in all things!

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